About Us

We have noticed the alarming trends  online on scams and fraud related activities perpetrated through the internet. We decided to be the vanguard of funds recovery and fight against all types of scams. Our main aim is finding  innovative solutions, ideas and technologies, tactical dispute strategies to help fight  against internet scams and effective recovery of lost funds.

We have decided to be the defendant to the common internet users, sharing our  knowledge and expertise with all internet users  who has lost to internet scam. Our main objective is  helping  every scam victims with free fraud investigation and  fund recovery solutions.

Our Mission

To provide consumers with a proven way to fight back after being scammed, lied to or had their information compromised.

What We Do?

We are financial advisers who knows how Global Assets Recoveries and wire recall works. We make sure your requests are treated effectively and professionally  in order to maximize your chances of getting your money back.

Our Inspiration

We noticed that with the high growth of publicity of binary options, cryptocurrencies and ponzi schemes. Innocent people has lost millions of dollars to malicious companies. Thus, the birth of Fraud ChargeBack to help unfortunate victims get their money back.