What do you think my chances of receiving a Global Assets Recoveries or wire recall are?

After a thorough review of your case we will give you our professional analysis of your chances of success. Each case we accept has unique characteristics and requires slightly different strategies necessary to recover your funds. Please contact us to review your case.

Doesn't a request for a Global Assets Recoveries or wire transfer recall have to be made within a limited amount of time?

Yes it does, but you may have more time than you think, or even more than your bank thinks. A request for a fraud-related chargeback for a credit card transaction using Visa or Mastercard has to be made within 60, 90 or 120 days, depending on certain factors. But a request for a service-related chargeback, such as those we handle for binary options and forex scams, can be filed as many as 540 days from the transaction date. Some jurisdictions even guarantee consumers more time than that. British law, for example, provides credit card holders six years to challenge a transaction of up to £30,000. A request for a wire transfer recall may be filed up to either 540 days or two years after the payment date, depending on certain factors.

Is it possible to obtain a Global Assets Recoveries even though i authorized the payment?

Yes, if the payment you authorized was for a specified service that wasn’t provided.

Will a Global Assets Recoveries compromise my relationship with my bank?

Not in the slightest. Banks have dispute departments to handle issues such as these. And assuming you obtain a chargeback, it will be paid not by your bank but by the receiving bank on the other end of the transaction from funds held in the account of the merchant whose service you have successfully challenged.

Can Pursuing my Global Assets Recoveries, wire recall or court case be a waste of time and money?

If it is, we’ll tell you upfront and explain why. We do not accept cases that present insurmountable obstacles. With a few general and specific questions about your case, we can determine if our services would be of benefit to you. We do understand the sensitives involved and all matters are kept confidential.

How does the process work?

We start off with a free consultation to assess your case. In most cases the company that defrauded you is already well known to us and is recognized as fraudulent by the relevant financial and regulatory bodies. If it is not, our investigators will gather the necessary intelligence about the company that defrauded you in order to map out their operational methods and legal weak spots. During this time we will also compile the documentation required to build up support for your case. Following the consultation and intelligence gathering we will identify the legal transgressions the fraudulent company committed either against you specifically or against the regulations governing their purported field of activity.

Once we have concluded this phase we will take this information to your bank  which will in most cases order a chargeback of the transaction. In some cases we will appeal to the banks ombudsman and other regulators in order to achieve the required ruling. In parallel we will contact the clearing service which processed the transaction and inform it of our findings. In addition to returning your money, the clearing services are generally less than pleased to be serving shady businesses and may terminate or fail to renew their association with the fraudulent enterprise which sought to fleece you. Consider this your small contribution to the fight against online scams.

If all else fails we will contact the defrauding company and threaten them with exposure and involvement of the relevant law enforcement agencies. This is the last thing these companies want, their entire business model is based on remaining in the shadows and fleecing those who lack the resources and perseverance to fight back and we will show them that we mean business.

What are the chances of recovering my wealth?

This depends on the specifics of your case. Following your free consultation we will provide you with our preliminary assessment of your chances prior to proceeding and will provide a more exact assessment following the conclusion of the intelligence gathering and analysis phase by our investigators. Global Assets Recoveriesmakes a point of never raising false hopes but, how ever, if we think you have a fighting chance, and in most cases you will, we will pursue every avenue to ensure you get what is rightfully yours.